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MS Teams Voice

Rethink communication with a secure, all-in-one phone solution that helps you connect and collaborate better.

Businesses today are under more strain than ever before. With increasing expectations and a rapid pace of growth, organizations have to focus on communications across multiple verticals and engage with various stakeholders simultaneously. Furthermore, today many enterprises are distributed, with operations and employees across geographies and time zones. When you’re up against these challenges, you need a cutting-edge communication setup to back you up.

With telephony, messaging and voice capabilities all rolled into one, Microsoft Teams Phone offers an integrated, easy-to-set-up solution that can support organizations of all types and sizes. Turn away from legacy systems and harness cloud-powered telephony that’s simpler in every way while bringing all the functionality you need.


Advance communications with unfettered access from any device and platform. With support for a wide range of premise telephone and conferencing equipment, end-to-end integration is easy.

Easy to manage
Easy to manage

Manage and control everything from a single interface at Teams Admin Center. Be it billing or calling plans, managing enterprise-wide phoning is quick, simple and hassle-free.


Microsoft Teams has been recognized as a segment leader in Unified Communications by Gartner. Microsoft 365 Business Voice is supported in over 70 countries and regions.


With conferencing, advanced call management and contact center integration capabilities, Teams Phone is packed with robust functionality that can help you go further than ever before.

Our approach

Although change is a fundamental part of the business landscape, shifting your enterprise operations to a new platform is never easy. When this shift pertains to a business-critical element such as communications, the stakes are even higher. Our experts understand this challenge inside out. With a proven, comprehensive methodology that accounts for every detail, we help you orchestrate the deployment and integration process across your organization. We ensure a seamless transition so that you can build and advance meaningful relationships with your customers, partners and vendors without disruption.

Our team of experts evaluates and prepares your organization for the shift with a keen focus on network planning, end-point preparation and adoption training. Every enterprise profile is different in terms of varying user bases, premise distributions, carrier support and reliance on analog devices. Keeping this in mind, we select an adoption model that provides maximum value for you.

Phone System with Calling Plan

Microsoft’s all-in-one cloud solution that supports PSTN capabilities with Microsoft as the carrier.

Phone system with your own PSTN carrier with Operator Connect

Leverage existing carrier capabilities with your carrier delivering PSTN calling services and operations directly through Teams.

Phone System with your own PSTN carrier with Direct Routing

Connect your on-premise telephony system to Teams for better interoperability.

A combination solution that uses Phone System with Calling Plan, Phone System with Operator Connect, and/or Phone System with Direct Routing

To provide peak flexibility and convenience, Teams Phone also supports a multi-level combination deployment that can be geared to tackle even the most demanding of enterprise workloads.